Issue 01

Friday, December 1, 2023

Volume 200,000


Marje Murusalu in "Text Off"

11th June – 28th June 2009

From 11th June till 28th June Marje Murusalu presents her latest sound collage “Safety Box 2007-2009“ in Tallinn City Gallery, Estonia.

The show is called „Text Off“ and will be the last summarising exhibition from the „Text Me“ series, a cooperative work with Eleriin Ello.

In 2007 Murusalu and Ello started to work on „Text Me“ conception, which analysed text and its influence to an artwork. But moreover, the project had its rules and started to be a manifesto for the artists.

In 2008 the first „Text Me“ exhibition took place in Tallinn and later the second one called „Text Me Again“ in Tartu, Estonia.

The third and last show will close the exhibition series with a conflict against the manifesto and will document the cooperation (or non-cooperation) of both of the artists over two years.

About "Safety Box 2007-2009"


Open: 11th June - 28th June 2009

Location: Tallinn City Gallery
Harju 13

10130 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel. +372 644 2818