Issue 01

Monday, June 24, 2024

Volume 200,000


Margaret Flynn: FLOCK

25th – 28th March 2009

FLOCK is a collaborative project amongst students in third year of the Fine Art Department of the Dublin Institute of Technology serving a dual purpose; an experiment in the craft of exhibition making, and a public forum for critical debate on works produced and ideas explored by the students.

Works presented engage with a variety of processes, methodologies and media. Included in the collection are installations opening discourses on the roles of language, semiotics and text in an art environment.

Drawings manifest themselves from debates around the very nature of the act of drawing. The definition of “drawing” is stretched beyond its limits.

Expressions and critiques on popular culture ranging from the fashion industry, through to advertising are manifested through diverse practices incorporating moving image, photography and the 3-D.

Discussions around ideas of narrative and play are conducted through sound installations and traditional print methods.

The assumed dichotomy between art and science is explored through paint and other modes of 2-D representation, as are ideas of identity and the self in a contemporary world.

The show also presents works in progress from students produced in collaboration with, and as a result of, various communities in which they have been involved with.

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Open: 25th March (from 6PM) - 28th March (until 8PM) 2009

Location: Broadstone Studios

Hendrons Building
36-40 Upper Dominick st
Dublin 7, Co. Dublin, Ireland
01 830 1428

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